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VCHRP-TM an universal VFD for AC industrial loads up to 17,500 kVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to high quality of development and production, VCHRP-TM can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchro- nous motors.
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Control cabinet with frequency converter (example SHUVPN)

Water-submerged pump control cabinet (SHUVPN) is intended for electric energy supply and control of the water-submerged pump operation( VPN ) in water supply networks of micropolitans (small towns, settlements, villages).

Cabinet SHUVPN - 3 is equipped with the series frequency converter, which regulates the pump motor rotation speed in accordance with the pressure level, regulated by a transducer with analog output. It maintains the preset pressure in the water drive system independent from water pumping intensity.

The application of the up-to-date and reliable frequency converter in control cabinet SHUVPN 3 provides higher energy saving as compared to traditional methods of water supply network pressure regulation; it also provides all necessary types of motor and water-submerged pump protection.

The SHUVPN - 3 basic cabinets are produced with protection level IP31.

Mounting location heated area (t = from +5 to +40).

Installation in an unheated area is possible if the heating-up option is available (t = -40 to +40).

In this case the protection level is IP54.

Entry of the mains cables, motor connection cables and control cables occurs from below.


Table of SHUVPN-3 basic types

Type  Pump motor current, A  Standard pump motor capacity, kW  Dimensions (WxHxD), mm
 SHUVPN-3-5-1-4  5  1,5  1620650650
 SHUVPN-3-10-1-4  10  3  1620650650
 SHUVPN-3-16-1-4  16  5,5  1620650650
 SHUVPN-3-25-1-4  25  7,5  1620650650
 32  11  1620650650
 SHUVPN-3-40-1-4  40  15  1620650650
 SHUVPN-3-63-1-4  63  25  1620750650
 SHUVPN-3-100-1-4  100  45  20201150650
 SHUVPN-3-125-1-4  125  55  20201150650
 SHUVPN-3-160-1-4  160  75  20201150650
 SHUVPN-3-200-1-4  200  90  20201250650

The SHUVPN - 3 basic cabinet provides the following operation modes:

- automatic mode (Main mode, operates from ). This mode provides motor speed regulation from . When operating in the automatic mode maintenance of the necessary nominal pressure in the water-driving system is supported.

- manual mode (Standby operation, operates from the mains). In this mode the motor starts with direct connection to the mains. When starting in this mode the pressure maintenance in the water-driving system is not supported. In the manual mode Start and Stop commands are performed by the control buttons on the SHUVPN 3 front door.

 Basic SHUVPN 3 options

While manufacturing the following options may be included in the SHUVPN 3 cabinet (the presence of an option is defined by the Customer when placing the order):

- function Autoreclosing (automatic reclosing: automatic motor restarting when supply voltage sags): hold time after autoreclosing responses from 0,1 to 99,9 min. Autoreclosing function disabling is performed by the key-lock switch on the SHUVPN 3 cabinet front door.

- function Heating-up: when outside temperature is below 0 the temperature conditions inside the SHUVPN 3 cabinet are maintained by inbuilt electric heaters switching on. The electric heaters are also enabled with activation of thermostats which control the SHUVPN-3 inside temperature. The thermostat activation settings are adjustable. The thermostat regulation scale is from 0 to +60. When the temperature inside the cabinet is too low the voltage supply to the converter is blocked.

- function Lighting: interior lightning activates by the switch (emergency circuit breaker)

- function Emergency shutdown: the mushroom shaped push button Emergency stop provides a forced shutdown of the incoming switch, deenergizing the SHUVPN-3 control cabinet.

- function Motor selection: the given function is used if connection of the second (standby) motor is available, operating motor selection is performed by means of the switch on the cabinet door.

- function Overvoltage limitation: to protect electric networks and equipment from overvoltage, that occurs as the result of lightning discharge and switching processes in the networks.


Symbolic representation: SHUVPN3  


Water-submerged pump control cabinet


Development index number

Nominal current of electricmotor

Cabinet type ... 1 without options (basic variant); 2 with options;

Option Autoreclosing (1 - present, 0 - absent)
Option Lighting (1 - present, 0 - absent)
 Option Emergency shutdown (1 - present, 0 - absent)
Option Selection of electronicmotors " (1 - present, 0 - absent)
Option Heating-up (1 - present, 0 - absent)
Option Overvoltage limitation (1 - present, 0 - absent)

Climatic type and location category (4, )


Scope of supply

In the SHUVPN-3 control cabinet package the following equipment is supplied:

-      Spare parts according to the norms of (low-voltage package module) manufacturing at extra charge;

-      Maintenance documentation in accordance with 16-536.042-76.

Pressure transducers, supply and control cables are not included in the standard scope of supply and may be packaged on Customers demand in accordance with the questionnaire.


Table of SHUVPN-3 expanded types (with options):

Autoreclosing SHUVPN-3-...-2-100000-4, Lighting, SHUVPN-3-...-2-010000-4, Emergency shutdown SHUVPN-3-...-2-001000-4, Overvoltage limitation SHUVPN-3-...-2-000001-4.


Pump motor current, A Standard pump motor capacity, kW Dimensions (HxWxD), mm
SHUVPN-3-5-2-111001-4 5 1,5 1620650650
SHUVPN-3-10-2-111001-4 10 3 1620650650
SHUVPN-3-16-2-111001-4 16 5,5 1620650650
SHUVPN-3-25-2-111001-4 25 7,5 1620650650
SHUVPN-3-32-2-111001-4 32 11 1620650650
SHUVPN-3-40-2-111001-4 40 15 1620650650
SHUVPN-3-63-2-111001-4 63 25 1620750650
SHUVPN-3-100-2-111001-4 100 45 20201150650
SHUVPN-3-125-2-111001-4 125 55 20201150650
SHUVPN-3-160-2-111001-4 160 75 20201150650
SHUVPN-3-200-2-111001-4 200 90 20201250650


Table of SHUVPN-3 expanded types (with options):

Motor selection SHUVPN-3-...-2-000100-4, Heating-up SHUVPN-3-...-2-000010-3.

Type Pump motor current, A

Standard pump motor capacity, kW

Dimensions (HxWxD), mm
SHUVPN-3-5-2-000100-4 5 1,5 2020850650
SHUVPN-3-10-2-000100-4 10 3 2020850650
SHUVPN-3-16-2-000100-4 16 5,5 2020850650
SHUVPN-3-25-2-000100-4 25 7,5 2020850650
SHUVPN-3-32-2-000100-4 32 11 2020850650
SHUVPN-3-40-2-000100-4 40 15 2020850650
SHUVPN-3-63-2-000100-4 63 25 2020850650
SHUVPN-3-100-2-000100-4 100 45 22201250650
SHUVPN-3-125-2-000100-4 125 55 22201250650
SHUVPN-3-160-2-000100-4 160 75 22201250650
SHUVPN-3-200-2-000100-4 200 90 22201650650



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