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VCHRP-TM – an universal VFD for AC industrial loads up to 17,500 kVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to high quality of development and production, VCHRP-TM can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchro- nous motors.
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Frequency converters EPV-V10 Machinery

 EPV-V10 Machinery – – compact and not expensive frequency converter in the power range from 0.25 kW to 5.5 kW and voltage of 208 – 480 V is designed to control induction or synchronous motor.

EPV-V10 Machinery suitable for industrial use because of its user-friendly interface, which provides maximum flexibility to meet customers needs concerning AC current motor drive. This frequency converter is an universal completed drive with standard EPV-V interfaces, provided with one of the communication protocols (for example Modbus).


  • Navigating in the application launcher
  • DIN-rail mounting or screw fixing
  • Number of converters can be installed in line 
  • • Using a package for application development by the individual customers requirements
  • Possibility to programming and copy the parameters without power supply.
  • Built-in brake chopper
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • Fan with temperature sensor
  • Modularity of the I / O boards
  • Integrated protocol RS485 (Modbus)
  • The PI controller functions
  • The possibility to use different types of fieldbuses
  • Ideal for OEM


Supply circuit 208-240 V, 1~ 3-phase electric motor

Frequency converter type

Rated current and capacity
on the electric motor shaft (230V)
Standard sizeDimensions
WxHxD (mm)
P (kW)Inom (A) 1.5 х Inom (A)
EPV-V 0010-1L-0001-2-MACHINERY0.251.72.6MI166x157x98
EPV-V 0010-1L-0002-2-MACHINERY0.372.43.6MI166x157x98
EPV-V 0010-1L-0003-2-MACHINERY0.552.84.2MI166x157x98
EPV-V 0010-1L-0004-2-MACHINERY0.753.75.6MI290x195x102
EPV-V 0010-1L-0005-2-MACHINERY1.14.87.2MI290x195x102
EPV-V 0010-1L-0007-2-MACHINERY1.57.010.5MI290x195x102
EPV-V 0010-1L-0009-2-MACHINERY2.29.614.4MI3100x251x109


Supply circuit 380-480 В, 3~ 3-phase electric motor

Frequency converter typeRated current and capacity
on the electric motor shaft (230V)
Standard sizeDimensions
WxHxD (mm)
P (kW)Inom (A) 1.5 х Inom (A)
EPV-V 0010-3L-0001-4-MACHINERY0.371.32.0MI166x157x98
EPV-V 0010-3L-0002-4-MACHINERY0.551.92.9MI166x157x98
EPV-V 0010-3L-0003-4-MACHINERY0.752.43.6MI166x157x98
EPV-V 0010-3L-0004-4-MACHINERY1.13.35.0MI290x195x102
EPV-V 0010-3L-0005-4-MACHINERY1.54.36.5MI290x195x102
EPV-V 0010-3L-0006-4-MACHINERY2.25.68.4MI290x195x102
EPV-V 0010-3L-0008-4-MACHINERY3.07.611.4MI3100x251x109
 EPV-V 0010-3L-0009-4-MACHINERY4.09.013.5MI3100x251x109
 EPV-V 0010-3L-0012-4-MACHINERY5.512.018.0MI3100x251x109


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