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VCHRP-TM an universal VFD for AC industrial loads up to 17,500 kVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to high quality of development and production, VCHRP-TM can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchro- nous motors.
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Frequency converters EPV-VP series

Electric drive EPV-VP is used when it is necessary to ensure high accuracy of the motor torque or speed. To provide more accuracy motor control due to the high computing power EPV-VP electric drive can use the information from the speed sensor (encoder or resolver). There is a possibility to work without speed feedback in case of vector or scalar control. Typical fields of applications where high accuracy is needed: mode "master - slave" in multi electric motor drive system, the task of positioning and synchronize mechanisms, tension control for winders devices electric drives.

Advantages of the EPV-VP frequency converters

  • Static speed accuracy < 0,01%, depend on type of speed sensor
  • Possibility to work with incremental or absolute encoders
  • Operating voltage of encoder 5 V(RS422), 15 V or 24 V, depend on type of communication board
  • Full torque control in full speed range, zero speed included
  • Torque accuracy < 2%; < 5% for zero speed
  • Starting torque> 200%, depending on the engine power and converter
  • Built-in data collector for work analysis
  • Speed monitoring for several converters with PC
  • Possibility to create Master-slave systems
  • High-speed bus (12 Mbits) for high speed communication between frequency converters
  • High speed applications (up to 7200 Hz)

Unit designation of the EPV-VP frequency converters

EPV-VP 0520 5 A 2 L 0 S S F A1A2000000 +IFD
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

1 Vector electro drive: VP unit wall / floor modification; VC cabinet modfication
2 Rated current
3 Rated power supply voltage: 2 208240 V; 5 380500 V; 6 525690 V (3-phases)
4 Control panel: standard alphanumeric; w/o panel; F trim panel; G graphic display
5 Protection class: 0 IP00; 2 IP21; 5 IP54
6 level of interferences emission: meets the standard EN 61800-3 (2004), category C2; meets the standard EN 61800-3 (2004), category 1; low earth fault current for IT lines
7 Brake chopper: 0 without brake; 1 internal brake chopper
8 Mains connection: S 6-pulse.; T 12 pulse.; 6-pulse.+disconnector (floor modification)
9 Cooling: S standard air cooling; flange mounting of FR4-FR9
10 Control circuit: S standard for FR4-FR8; F standard for FR9 and NXC; V as S, but varnished boards; G as F, but varnished boards
11 Input/output boards
12 Additional options

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