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VCHRP-TM – an universal VFD for AC industrial loads up to 17,500 kVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to high quality of development and production, VCHRP-TM can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchro- nous motors.
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Capacitor unit for reactive power compensation UKKRM 7 series

High-voltage regulated and unregulated capacitor units for reactive power compensation UKKRM-7 with capacity from 25 up to 10000 kvar are designed to increase the power factor of electrical units for industry factories and for three phase power distribution circuits 6-10 kV, 50 Hz.

The usage of regulated and unregulated high voltage capacitor units allow to reduce payments for reactive energy, reduce losses in the feeders, unload the power transformers, improve power quality.

The calculation of economic benefits shows that the usage of the capacitor units for reactive power compensation UKKRM-7 in electric circuits can provide significant cost savings with low payback period of the capital investment.

Установки конденсаторные компенсации реактивной мощности УККРМ-7
Capacitor units

Capacitor units UKKRM-7 are equipped with high-voltage three-phase cosine capacitors. Capacitors are made on the basis of the metallized film and filled with environmentally safe impregnation without phenol. In contrast to the old technology of capacitors manufacturing for reactive power compensation, the new impregnation is safe for people and decomposes within a week.

In regulated capacitor units automatic control of reactive power is provided by vacuum contactors, which stepwise switch on or switch off the capacitor units with a certain step, given by the customer.Automatic control of the capacitor unit’s stages is provided by microprocessor controller, it supports Modbus RTU protocol with the physical channels RS-485/RS-232. Units also support manual swithcing on or switching off stages.

In unregulated capacitor units microprocessor controller and contactor aren’t used.

The use of the units for reactive power compensation allows:

  • to reduce the payment for energy consumption;
  • to reduce the energy losses in electricity transmission lines, in cables, transformers and energy distribution equipment by reducing the phase currents;
  • to reduce the voltage dips;
  • to increase the service life of transformers by reducing the overheating temperature of the windings;
  • to connect an additional load by reducing the current consumption of the power transformer;
  • to reduce the cables cost of the new projects by decreasing cross-section of the cables;
  • to suppress hum and noise, to reduce the asymmetry of the phases;
  • to improve the quality of electricity.

Technical characteristics

  Type of current
AC, three-phase
  Rated voltage, kV
6,3; 10,5
  Frequency, Hz
  Rated power, kvar
50; 150; 300; 450; 600; 750; 900; 1050; 1200; 1350;
1500; 1800; 2100; 2250; 2400; 2700; 3150; 3600, 10000
  The maximum number of the power adjustment stages
  Type of the unit
adjustable; not adjustable
 Type of microprocessor controller
NOVAR 1206; NOVAR 1214
  Power control stage, kvar
150; 300; 450; 600; 750; 900
  Supply voltage of auxiliary circuits, V
220В, 50 Hz
  Protection class according to GOST 14254 -96
IP20; another - by agreement
  Climatic version
UXL4; another - by agreement
  Overall dimensions of the cells (W x H x D)
800 х 2000 х 800 mm

Operating conditions

 Ambient air temperature,°С
from + 1 up to + 40
 Altitude above sea level, m, up to
not explosive, not containing conductive dust, corrosive
gases and vapors in concentrations that can destroying metal and insulation
enclosed areas
Group of operating conditions
М1 according to GOST17516.1-90


Units allow prolonged operation:

- in case of increasing RMS of the voltage to 1.1 of the rated value;

- in case of increasing RMS of the current to 1.3 of the rated value, produced as well as by increasing the voltage or due to the higher harmonics, or both together, regardless of the harmonic content of the current;

- with taking into account the maximum deviations of capacity plus 5% maximum allowable current can be up to 1.3 of the rated current of the unit.

Basic types of protections

  • against the current overload of the capacitors;

  • thermal (overheating capacitors);

  • against higher harmonic currents flow through the capacitors;

  • against failure of the supply voltage.


Capacitor units UKKRM-7 are manufactured as a one-end service cabinets, composed from an input cell and capacitor cells, the amount of which depends on the power of the capacitor unit.

The cells are electrically connected to each other by busbars or mechanically using bolts connection. The capacitor outputs are connected with the buses by flexible jumpers.

Capacitor cells equipped with high-voltage cosine three phase capacitors, with built-in discharge resistors and fuses.

The following elements are installed in the input cell of the capacitor unit: current transformers, amperemeter (which show total current of the all capacitor bank), automatic protection (signalized about exceeding the maximum current of the capacitors), device of blocking switching elements and locking doors (provides security maintain).

At Customer request capacitor unit may be manufactured with or without input disconnector.

Regulated capacitor units UKKRM-7 allow flexible responding to changes of the consuming load in real-time by changing the value of the input reactive power. Regulation is provided by stepwise switching on/off vacuum contactors, installed in the capacitor cells.

The total capacity of such unit is based on the following condition: it must maintain a given cos (fi) at maximum reactive power consumption.

The usage of the regulated capacitor units allow to avoid overcompensation, i.e. capacitive cos (fi) in the circuit and, consequently, the increasing of the load on the supplying feeders, which can have consequences such as penalty from an electricity supply organization.

Automatic control of the capacitor unit’s stages is provided by microprocessor controller, it supports Modbus RTU protocol with the physical channels RS-485/RS-232.

Regulated capacitor unit UKKRM-7 also supports manual alternate on / off the stages. By customer request to integrate the devices into APCS a software is provided.

Unregulated capacitor unit UKKRM-7 is designed to compensate given reactive power. In unregulated capacitor units microprocessor controller and contactor aren’t used.


Unit designation:

- 7
- Х
- Х
- Х
- Х
- Х - Х   UXL4

1 - capacitor unit for reactive power compensation

2 - serial number of the design

3 - rated voltage of the unit, kV: 6,3; 10,5

4 - presence / absence of the disconnector.....0 – w/o disconnector; 1 – with disconnector

5 - nominal power of the unit, kvar: 50; 150; 300; 450; 600; 750; 900; 1050; 1200; 1350; 1500; 1800; 2100; 2250; 2400; 2700; 3150; 3600, 10000

6 - rated power of the lowest control stage, kvar: 150, 300, 450

7 - number of unregulated and regulated (the numbers with the letter P) stages: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 1Р; 2Р; 3Р; 4Р; 5Р; 6Р; 7Р; 8Р

8 - presence / absence of a throttle.....0 – w/o throttle; 1 – with throttle, 134 Hz; 2 – with throttle, 189 Hz; 3 – with throttle, 210 Hz

9 - modular modification according GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543.1-89.

Ordering examples:

Unit UKKRM -7-6,3-0-900-450-2-0 UXL4 ShEDK.673814.001TU ,

Unit UKKRM -7-10,5-1-1800-150-5Р-1 UXL4 ShEDK.673814.001TU


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