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VCHRP-TM – an universal VFD for AC industrial loads up to 17,500 kVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to high quality of development and production, VCHRP-TM can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchro- nous motors.
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The quality management system

Experience in solving prob- lems of automation and design of control systems of different technological pro- cesses, qualified specialists.

Innovation technologies

In basis of the quality of our products is the experience and the high scientific and technical potential, the use of the most modern com- ponents and technologies, innovative design solutions, taking into account the operating conditions and the specific requirements of the customer.
ООО "ЧЭАЗ - ЭЛПРИ". Передовые технологии в разработке и производстве энергосберегающего оборудования
Soft starters of an elrcric engine increase up to 30% the economic effect
Power factor increased up to 40% by reactive power compensation
Using frequency converters saves 505 energy
Commutation reactors

This device provides current limitation during the commutation of the modules in the semiconductor converters of the motors. It is used in combination with fuse protection.

Current limiting reactors

Are installed in each phase of the supply circuit to protect thyristor against overcurrent in emergency operating mode of the converters

Smoothing chokes

The device that provides reduce the current ripples of the motor, if it operate from the thyristor converter.

P2DSV potentiometer

Is used as a complementary part in the insulation monitor of the DC circuits.

Motor or power supply choke (filter)

Is designed to limit the rate of voltage fronts increasing on the motor voltage and surge in the cable and on the motor (to reduce cable radio emission).

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