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VCHRP-TM – an universal VFD for AC industrial loads up to 17,500 kVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to high quality of development and production, VCHRP-TM can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchro- nous motors.
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ООО "ЧЭАЗ - ЭЛПРИ". Передовые технологии в разработке и производстве энергосберегающего оборудования
High-voltage frequency-regulated electric drive VCHRP

VCHRP – frequency converter of medium voltage with series- connected IGBT inverter of AC for industrial loads up to 17.5 MVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to implementation of the modern schematic designs, VCHRP electric drive can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchronous motor.

Functional designs of the VCHRP frequency converter

VCHRP-SM – electric drive manufactured according to multilevel circuit on basis of SEMIKRON elements;
VCHRP-D – electric drive manufactured according to double transformers circuit;
VCHRP-TM – electric drive manufactured according to multilevel circuit on basis of TMEIC elements;
Design particularity of the VCHRP-TM frequency converter for medium voltage working
  • Architecture of series-connected inverters cells with using IGBT for 1700 V for greater reliability and high efficiency.
  • Bridge diode rectifiers provide work with high power factor. With such high power factor there is no need to use capacitor units for its increasing;
  • Multiwinding transformer provides low distortion in the input. The solution excels the demands of the GOST 13109 (in terms of input current distortion);
  • The modular design of retractable power cells minimizes the required time for any maintenance.
The input pCapacity from 250ower circuit

VCHRP electric drive main power circuit consists of an input transformer and single phase PWM inverter cells. Six inverter cells are connected in series to get 6 kV, it provides a 13-step output voltage.

There are three design classes determined by the voltage:

  • 3 kV, 3 phases, 50 Hz
  • 6 kV, 3 phases, 50 Hz
  • 10 kV, 3 phase10 kV, 3 phases, 50 Hz

Input-output unit supports encoder with 24V DC inputs-outputs, 220V AC inputs and analog inputs-outputs as standard. All inputs and outputs are connected with the Plug-in terminal block for easy maintenance, it is located in the right compartment of the cabinet.

By customers request the high-voltage frequency-regulated drive can be installed in block-modular building of a container type with full factory readiness.

Inverter’s cells

Each inverter’s cell contains a three-phase diode rectifier and single-phase IGBT inverter, connected together via DC bus. Cell can be pushed out via the guide rails to provide the maintenance opportunity. All modules are identical. Average recovery time of VCHRP-TM less than 30 minutes.

In accordance with operation requirements of the drive forced air cooling system is installed:

  • the air intake through the cabinet doors
  • upward flow through the inverter’s cells and transformer
  • suction unit on the top of the cabinet.

The main technical characteristics of the VCHRP-TM frequency converter:

  • Capacity from 250 kW to 8 MW;
  • Operating with power supply deviation 25% of the nominal value 3, 6, 10_kW;
  • Fully operational in case of power supply failure for 0,3 sec.;
  • Seismic stability of 9 points;
  • For modular-building version the exploitation can be carried with ambient temperature from -60 up to +60;
  • High reliability (MTBF 100,000 hours);
  • Installation of frequency converter VCHRP-TM gives an opportunity to realize energy saving programs to all industrial companies, who use powerful high voltage motors;
  • Energy saving up to 25-40%;
  • Increasing resources of the maintained engines;
  • Reduced operating and production costs.

VCHRP-TM Catalogue

High-voltage adjustable frequency converter VChRP-TM series

Multifunctional testing complex

CJSC "ChEAZ" has unique testing facilities to perform variety kinds of tests of high and low voltage frequency converters, thyristor converters for DC motor control (U = 600, I = 1200 A), high and low voltage soft starters, and other devices with power supply 380 V, 690 V, 3 kV, 6 kV, 10 kV.There was established specialized design department on the basis of "ChEAZ-ELPRI" for designing and developing in a very short time the unique custom testing equipment, measuring systems, automated control and regulating systems to provide all kinds of tests.


Technical characteristics of the testing complex equipment

Input power: two line 6 kV voltage with total capacity of 3.5 MW, one line 0.4 kV, 1000A. Switching of the supply voltage on the power transformer and the stator windings of asynchronous motors is provided by KSO-202VM switchgear with MPD BEMP and KSO-306.
Test facility designed to test following devices:- devices with power up to 1 MW at rated load (in continuous load with rated current);- devices with power more than 1 MW with load not exceeding 1 MW and above 1MW with repeatable short-term mode (when an rms current not exceeding nominal value).

Test facility allows the following types of work:- setup,- load tests,- acceptance tests,- type tests,- acceptance checkout,- periodic tests,- qualification tests,- certification tests,- special tests,- research trials, <>- operational tests.

Technical advantageous characteristics of the test facility

The application of a special high-voltage transformer TSZ 1600-6,3/10-6-3 at 6 kV AC nominal coil voltage allows to get three values of the nominal voltage (3, 6, 10 kV) from the valve windings with an active load. For each rated voltage, we can change the voltage ± 25% from rated voltage and ± 30% from rated voltage.

The application of DC drives, as a load, allow to adjust the torque for the shafts of induction motors, ant to regenerate power in the electricity supply network (the secondary winding of the transformer, which supplying the thyristor converters).

Thyristor converters type EPU1M-7-2- with digital control, included into the electrical equipment - it is reversible single-band electric drives with speed feedback (BR) and EMF motor feedback (type of feedback is selected from the control panel by software). Specified static electric characteristics of electric drives provide the speed range: 1:2000 - (with speed feedback), 1:20 - (with EMF feedback). The electric drives EPU1M-7-2 allows to form different load characteristics (fan, pump, linear, etc.) at the start of induction motors.


The electric drives EPU1M-7-2 allow the following work modes of motors: long (S1), a short-term (S2) and intermittent (S3) according to the GOST183 and according to the characteristics of motors.

The electric drives provide a multiplicity of operating overload (in relative to the rated current of the anchor circuit) up to 1.6 for the time up to 10 seconds, depending on the speed level and in accordance with the characteristics of the motor. Rms value of the load current in all operating modes shall not exceed the rated current of the anchor circuit. Nominal efficiency of the anchor converter at least 0.95. The electric drives provides following protections:

- against an unacceptable voltage reduction (including phase loss due to burning fuse) in the control power circuit;- against overheating of the converter;- against exceeded time of overcurrent in the anchor circuit (time - current protection);- against breakdown of the thyristors and the power loss (including fuses blow) in the power supply (anchor) circuit;- against exceeding the maximum current in the anchor circuit (maximum current protection);- against break in the motor excitation circuit (including fuses blow);- against incorrect phase order in the control power circuit.

Protection against short-cut of the anchor circuit, excitation circuit and control circuit is provided by fuses. Protection against surges is provided by varistors and RC - circuits.

The application of two DC motors allows to create a variable DC voltage source with an output current up to 1290 A (for high current devices, powered by a DC voltage).

Technological capabilities of the facility.

The total area of the test facility is 720 m².Equipment of the test facility are designed as a component parts:- Electromechanical part;- Power equipment;- Control system.

Electromechanical part

Electromechanical part is located in a separate room to meet the requirements of vibration and sound insulation consists from the following parts:- Load unit for testing high-voltage devices;- Load unit for testing low-voltage devices.

Load unit for testing high-voltage devices is an assembly of the motors: induction motor - M4 (1000 kW, 10 kW, 750 rpm), two DC motors - M2, M3 (710 kW, 0.6 kV, 710 rev / min) and induction motor - M1 (1000 kW, 6 kW, 750 rpm). DC motors have a two-way open ends of the shaft. Shafts of all motors are connected by couplings. Parallel operation of two DC motors allows in PV mode (if an rms current don’t exceed the nominal value) to increases the load capacity of the unit. The loading unit for testing of low-voltage devices is an assembly of motors: an induction motor - M6 (400 kW, 0.4 kW, 1000 rpm) and a DC motor - M5 (450 kW, 0.6 kW, 900 rpm).

The control system includes:- Control cabinet for load drive (660 V, 1500 A) with the connection device to the power supply network (limiting reactors);- Workstation (AWS) «MVisor»;- Testing devices. Measuring system of the test facility provides conversion, normalization, indication and recording parameters of the drives.

System of processing test results is a complex of modern computers and special software which allow to do the mutually-correction and a statistical analysis of the parameters, and displays them in graphical and tabular form.

Instrumental PC of the test facility is equipped with software that has a friendly user interface.
Power equipment was produced on the basis of a switchgear chambers with relay protection BEMP and high voltage transformers.
Control interface (software package) provide direct link between electric drive structure which is shown on the screen as a mnemonic diagram or tables of parameters and parameters of a real control system working in microprocessor core of the frequency converter.

The following main features are supported:- Opportunity to connect to any of the frequency converter installed inside the test facility and connected to ModBus network (physical line RS-485) by means of an PC-CAN/RS- 485 adapter;- Viewing and editing of all parameters and variables of the frequency converter, and downloading the modified parameters to the frequency converter (parameter writing mode);- Monitoring of main variables and states of the frequency converter with a custom refresh in numerical and graphical form (oscilloscope mode);- Producing control signals of the drive: "Unlock", "Allow Job", "Reverse Job", "Reset protection", the current speed task (momentum);- Creating and running cyclograms. Changing in the parameters of the motor and controller by built-in remote control of the frequency converters or serial communication tool of the PC are available only after a password access.

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