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VCHRP-TM an universal VFD for AC industrial loads up to 17,500 kVA with 3 kV, 6 kV and 10 kV nominal output voltage. Due to high quality of development and production, VCHRP-TM can operate with the already installed and the new asynchronous or synchro- nous motors.
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The quality management system

Experience in solving prob- lems of automation and design of control systems of different technological pro- cesses, qualified specialists.

Innovation technologies

In basis of the quality of our products is the experience and the high scientific and technical potential, the use of the most modern com- ponents and technologies, innovative design solutions, taking into account the operating conditions and the specific requirements of the customer.
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Energy & reliability - our contribution to the economic development of the Russian Federation. Modernization program, technical modernization of electric grid complex, construction a large number of new stations and power units would require serious work of the Russian manufacturers of electrical products.

Today, the Group of Companies "ChEAZ" is ready to offer the full range of services within the investment and construction of power facilities cycle: design, development, manufacturing, installation, start-up and commissioning. Specialized companies in the Group have the necessary resources to perform each of these steps.

Joint activity of entities within the Group "ChEAZ" - is imperative of our time. Union allows the mutual use of the capacities, with a view to reduce overall costs, improve competitiveness and strengthen its market position.

President of GK "ChEAZ" Shurdov M.A.

"ChEAZ-Elpri" Ltd. is included in a holding union: Group of companies "ChEAZ". Holding associations are recognized as the optimal organizational form in the highly competitive market at the present stage of economic development. Main directions of sustainable development within the proposed strategies are: the investment activity of enterprises, innovation policy and the formation of integrated formations. This strategy includes the system of goals, objectives and principles of the sustainable development and aims at a balanced solution of the national economic and social development problems without destruction or reducing of natural resource potential.

 Group of companies "ChEAZ" includes:

Companies of GC "ChEAZ" offer complete technical solutions to provide energy suppling and energy units control of the various economy sectors - from electrical substations and up to large chemical plants, oil and gas, metallurgy, thermal and nuclear power industries.

The main activities of the GC "ChEAZ" holding:

- Manufacting and supply of electrical equipment 0.4-110 kW (electromechanical, electronic and microprocessor protection, low-voltage equipment and low-voltage complete devices, electric drives, complete switchgears 6 (10) kV, outdoor switchgears 110 kV).

- Performing of the General Contract "turnkey" of the substations with voltage up to 110 kV, including design, construction, installation and commissioning.

- Designing of power supply systems.

- Providing services for the installation, commissioning and after-sales service of the supplied electrical equipment, and in addition training of the operating personnel. .

Abilities of the GC "ChEAZ"

- Wide area coverage. GC works with all regions of Russia, CIS and other foreign countries.

- There is a possibility of individual approach, the implementation of non-standard projects.

- Acting as a general contractor, Group offers a full range of services required to the "turn-key".

- Manufacturing of our own components significantly reduces the cost of the final product. By Customers request, the equipment of other Russian and foreign producers can be used as the component parts.

- Electrical installation and commissioning carried out without interrupting the process by our specialists.

- Electrical products manufactured by the GC "ChEAZ" includes a large range of products with a wide range of voltages (0.4 - 110 kV), designed for different operating conditions (conditions of the Far North, the tropics, and others) and have a special modification (sea, earthquake-proof, explosion-proof, chemical resistance, etc.) The equipment of the GC "ChEAZ" successfully used at thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants, oil and gas production facilities, oil and gas, electricity networks, in the housing and communal services, industrial and urban infrastructure facilities.

GC "ChEAZ" meets the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2008. The group of companies "ChEAZ" has all the necessary licenses for performed activities, including a certificate of admission to the design and development projects, certificate of NP "Interregional Association of Builders (SRO); licenses to design and manufacture of electrical equipment for nuclear power plants; a recognition certificate of the Russian River Register of Shipping.

The GC "ChEAZ" is accredited by the JSC "Transneft", NK "Rosneft", JSC "FSK" and "Rosenergoprom."

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